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We are pleased to provide you with the best and most economically advantageous solution for your financial construction issue. We put your information needs first and offer you a tailor-made solution. We will send you the data that matches your project. On this page you will find general information about our libraries and databases. Do you want to know what data you need for your process or project? Please contact us, we are happy to give you personal advice.

A wide range of possibilities and solutions are available for the application of data files. Every process and / or project has its most optimal form. A number of crucial aspects can be identified when applying data files. The most important are your primary process and your information needs. An optimal connection to this is crucial for the success and successful implementation of this.

You can use our generic databases for many of the issues. These generic databases are based on references for the project types new construction and maintenance. If your process or project largely connects to the principles of the monitored references, then these generic data files meet your requirements. We currently have reference files for new construction, sustainability and maintenance in our range.

Libraries and databases

BDB's libraries and databases provide insight into the cost level of the objects, elements and / or wages, materials and equipment. Our data has a multitude of applications, including drawing up, substantiating and updating business visions and policy frameworks, business cases and investment decisions, and scenario analyzes and probabilistic analyzes, but also substantiating and updating estimates and budgets.

The best and most economically advantageous solution for your financial construction issue requires a fully covering and broadly structured database. From this information source we can offer you every tailor-made solution. We have construction (cost) data for:

  • All processes (traditional and BIM)
  • Alle sectors (housing, utility and civil construction)
  • All markets (government, education, health care, etc.)
  • All project types (new construction, renovation, repair and renovation and maintenance)
  • All phases (plan, realization, operation and redefinition)
  • All projects (generic or project specific)
  • All levels of abstraction (from object to specific wages or material)
  • All moments (past (from 1914), present and future)
  • All data types (absolute and relative)

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