About BDB

BDB is a personal service provider that provides general and specific construction (cost) data, tailored to the needs of the customer. Our services are up-to-date, reliable, customized, personal and future-oriented.

Construction projects in the Dutch construction sector are becoming increasingly complex, comprehensive and long-term, which means that the financial interests also increase. Within this construction world, BDB is a knowledge center in the field of construction (cost) data and offers solutions for all issues.

BDB's mission is to offer customers the best solution for their problem by tailoring the data to their needs in a personal way. After all, your information needs strongly depend on your construction issue.

We compile our construction (cost) data based on information from the market. Some important sources of information are Central Planning Bureau (CPB), Economic Institute for the Construction Industry (EIB), Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), industry associations, unions, executing parties, subcontractors and suppliers. We update the data every month and quarter.

Please feel free to contact us and let us advise you which data or indices are a good match for your information needs.

Our team is ready to help

      Ted Peek Dick Lemans Peter Petter Floris van Rooijen   Flora Bastiaans


      Danny Hidding Lars Berns Jolanda ten Westenend Mitchel Tiemessen

BDB Bouw(kosten)data, persoonlijk, compleet en op maat!
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